How Horizon helps you find Open GitHub Repos

How Horizon helps you find Open GitHub Repos
Identify and mitigate security risks related to open GitHub repositories. With Horizon's code analysis, commit insights, and project discovery features, you are empowered to safeguard your source code and sensitive information effectively.
How Horizon helps you find Open GitHub Repos

GitHub is a popular collaboration platform that hosts millions of repositories containing valuable source code and sensitive information. However, the open nature of many repositories poses a significant security risk. Threat actors can exploit exposed data or credentials and cost organizations huge financial as well as reputational losses. Horizon offers a powerful solution to counter this threat that helps organizations identify and mitigate GitHub leaks.

Here are a few ways that Horizon can help-

1. Open Repositories:

Open repositories, accessible to the public, are a major concern when it comes to security. Threat actors can easily scan and search for repositories containing sensitive information like passwords, API keys, or critical business logic. One of Horizon's key capabilities is to monitor and analyze these repositories, that are hosted on GitHub.(Image 1)

Horizon shows all the open Github repo
Open GitHub repo findings by Horizon (image 1)

2. Repository Analysis:

Horizon's advanced scanning algorithms delve deep into repositories, examining both the codebase and associated files. By leveraging the power of automation, Horizon identifies potential leaks and vulnerabilities that may exist within the source code. Horizon also shows GitHub repo sources with external URLs for easy access. (Image 2)

Diving deep into the repo findings (Image 2)

3. Commit Insights:

Horizon provides comprehensive insights into each commit made within a repository. It reveals the GitHub username and the company it belongs to if any. If a commit references the company or exposes business logic, Horizon highlights the specific lines of code involved. Essentially, offering a bird's-eye view of your repository. This helps expose any potential risks or unintentional exposures.

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4. Discovering Forgotten Projects:

Beyond actively monitored repositories, Horizon also helps organizations identify forgotten or abandoned projects hosted on GitHub. By analyzing the source code, Horizon detects potential issues and vulnerabilities that might be present in these overlooked projects. This proactive approach enables organizations to secure all their assets effectively.

Securing confidential information on GitHub is crucial in today's threat landscape. Horizon offers a comprehensive solution to identify and address GitHub leaks, helping organizations safeguard their repositories and minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Horizon empowers organizations to maintain the integrity of their data and protect sensitive information from being exploited.

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